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Full Stack consulting group offering exceptional DevOps, API, and Cloud engineering

About Our Company

Cache Lab helps companies engineer, and iterate on their most important digital products. Our team is smart, relatable, and deeply knowledgeable on cloud architecture and modern application development. We work alongside teams building functional automated workflows, lightning fast API’s, and an automated and scalable cloud architecture.

Andrew Puch

DevOps Engineer / Founder

Chris Connelly

Front End Engineer

Craig Cronin

Mobile Engineer

Jonah Simon

UX Designer

Aaron Rothlisberger

RF Engineer

Chad Robinson

Full Stack Architect

Cal Costanzo

Marketing and Sales

Our Services

Whether you need a full stack engineering team, quality assurance, or support staff we offer services that can take your project to the next level.

Software Development

Our talented Software Engineers know one language and framework is not right for every job. That is why we are trained to discuss the application requirements with the client and choose the right language and framework for the job.

Golang NodeJS PHP
NodeJS - Code


Continuous Integration & Deployment

It is important to us as we design and build solutions to allow the flexibility for integration tests where possible and the ability to deploy automatically. Wether you have a traditional or highly dynamic environment our engineers work with your existing platform to make CI/CD possible.

Circle CI Travis CI Jenkins

Infrastructure As Code

Streamlined approach built with modern deployment tools. Deployments should be easy, fast, and have the ability to roll back in the event of an issue. Our experience with the latest technologies allows for that approach to be possible.

Terraform Docker Kubernetes ECS
Terraform - Code


Grow in the cloud

Our expert experience using Amazon Web Services allows for your company to scale for the demand required for your applications. With the endless amount of services AWS has to offer and the unlimited scale we can fit you with the right services for the job.

Logging, Metrics, and Tracing

To be a full service setup we can implement detailed service logging, time series metrics and tracing to enable your company to be able to pin point the exact issues that could be occuring in your environments.

TICK Stack ELK Stack Open Telemetry Datadog

Ground Station

Satellite Communication

Experience seamless scalability for your space communication requirements with our advanced Mission Control as a Service software, Nova Leap. Backed by a dedicated team of RF Engineers and extensive expertise in data delivery through AWS Ground Station, your company can confidently elevate its capabilities in the realm of space communication by partnering with us.

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